A couple of years back we realized how different the circumstances and challenges that drive local residents to Bluffton Self Help for emergency aid. We decided that it would be helpful to our community supporters to know more about the realities of what occurs here on an “almost” daily basis. It made sense that we share (while protecting names) some of the circumstances clients face, and the resulting experiences they have with Bluffton Self Help.

It seemed like a great way to connect the larger community to these neighbors in need. The Stories of Hope were born. Our friends at the Island Packet agreed that these were important stories to tell, and they began supporting this outreach by publishing the stories in their holiday “giving” series. We are very appreciative of their support. All of these stories are true, but to protect our client’s privacy, their names have been changed.

  • Jane’s Story

    On rare occasions, BSH is contacted by the authorities regarding cases where families are displaced from their homes in emergency situations.  Jane and her young son had been physically abused and beaten on a …

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  • Elizabeth’s Story

    The best days are those days when something unexpected occurs.  Generous donors were dropping off food donations in the back of the building, what seemed like car load after car load.  Elizabeth waited patiently …

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  • Gloria’s Story

    Gloria has worked all her life and now relies on social security.  Her daughter is worried about her because she knows that social security income won’t pay all the bills plus food and clothing. …

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  • Lynn’s Story

    Lynn had been a stay-at-home mom with two young sons while her husband was the sole provider for their family.  He had the same job for over a decade.  But he left the company …

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  • Bob’s Story

    Bob came to BSH for financial assistance.  He was soft spoken, and talked by barely moving his lips. He revealed the help that he needed was to pay for tooth extractions.  He provided a letter …

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  • Liz Ann’s Story

    Liz Ann, a mother of two young children, had just discovered that her cancer had returned.  She needed radiation and chemotherapy. Her husband continued to work to receive insurance benefits.  He put in over …

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