BSH support prevents interruption of electrical service during critical time

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Blane’s husband, Tim was laid off during the recession. He looked tirelessly for new work but was unlucky for six months. Blaine worked in food and beverage and Tim supplemented their income with unemployment benefits. Finally, he got a job two states away and left to start immediately. Blaine and the kids would soon follow! After a routine doctor’s appointment, it was decided that Blaine needed a biopsy. Because her employer provided health insurance, she had to remain behind for the biopsy and obtain the results before she left. The health insurance was critical. Meanwhile, Tim spent personal funds staying in a long-term hotel while he waited to discover the results of his wife’s condition. She missed some work and he continued to spend funds on temporary housing while the regular household bills piled up. Their electric was scheduled to be disconnected in one week if they did not have the funds. After careful review of all information – Bluffton Self Help paid the electric bill to avoid an interruption of service and help the family have less worries.

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