mission-600x142For every bit that you do, or give, or sponsor, or fund, or share, on behalf of Bluffton Self Help, we are very thankful. With over 34,000 touch points in and around our community this past year, we hope to continue to earn your trust and loyal support.

In the News…

May Giving Day…It’s May 3rd…Now!

May Giving Day…It’s May 3rd…Now!

Why we do what we do…

Imagine this:
A single mother works paycheck to paycheck to provide for her children. After some health issues, she is scheduled for gall bladder surgery, which means she will be out of work for weeks during her recovery. Although her job is secure, she will fall(more here)

Rotary Club of Bluffton Spreads Goodwill

Rotary Club of Bluffton Spreads Goodwill

On Wednesday, April 27, The Rotary Club of Bluffton provided two grant awards to local agencies and one of them was Bluffton Self Help.  The grant will provide the necessary funds to purchase office dividers for two staff members and badly needed shelving.  This new shelving will support the efforts o(more here)

Thank You Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund

Thank You Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund

Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund recently awarded a grant to Bluffton Self Help to support BUILDING STRONG HABITS workshops on personal fitness and other related topics.  With this support Bluffton Self Help can fulfill its mission to move clients toward self-reliance.  Thank you Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund for your support and a(more here)

Thank you SunTrust!

Thank you SunTrust!

Bluffton Self Help’s BUILDING STRONG HABIT class and workshop series is made possible through partnerships in the community.  Welcome SunTrust to our family of partners supporting the efforts to move clients toward self-reliance.  SunTrust will be offering their expertise to create a summer program targeting children.  We love SunTrust.  Thank you(more here)

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Most Needed Food Items

Our most requested Thanksgiving and Christmas food items include:

  • Frozen Turkey, Pork Butt or Ham
  • Canned Peas, Black Beans, Pinto Beans
  • Canned Yams
  • Dried pasta of all kinds
  • Boxed Macaroni & Cheese
  • Boxed or bagged Stuffing mixes
  • Canned Chicken Broth
  • Jarred Gravy (turkey, chicken)
  • Canned pie filling (pumpkin, apple, cherry)
  • Rice
  • Boxed Cornbread Mix or Biscuits
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Plantains
  • Frozen Yucca
  • Fresh Collard Greens, Fresh Cabbage
  • Roasting Pans

Our most requested non-food items include:

  • Disposable Diapers
  • Ensure food supplement
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste

Our pantry is often critically low. When you do your grocery shopping, please consider buying any or all of these items to contribute to the community food pantry. Click here to view our convenient shopping list.

Our most requested clothing items include:

  • Clean, seasonal clothing
  • All sizes are needed

Please avoid donating:

  • Clothes beyond repair
  • Mildewed clothing
  • Under garments
  • Bathing suits
  • Lingerie


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